Workshops and events

At Mfacts Studio we are building a community of teachers, childhood educators and wellbeing specialists that all have one thing in common - they want to help your child shine!

Each holidays we curate some special events; workshops to help your child shine! Especially for students aged Prep to Year 7.

Some of our offerings include: 'Holiday Maths Boost', 'Mindfulness for kids', 'Children's Yoga' classes, 'STEM workshops' (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Lego Fun.

At Mfacts Studio, we create experiences that are both enjoyable and full of learning. All of our children’s workshops are planned and taught by highly experienced and qualified teachers…experiences carefully designed to help your child shine!

All are held in very small group classes, to ensure your child enjoys a wonderful experience. Workshop updates are provided here as each Term holiday approaches. Keep an eye out for what's next!


We collaborate with Mindful Kids Melbourne because we believe continually building our own, and our kids, mental health tools and strategies.

Resilience and emotional development workshops for children and parents. 

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Mindful Kids Melbourne

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With accompanying video workshop

Available for younger children, our Home Packs offer virtual learning options to support STEM and Maths including a 2-hour workshop option and 10 pack workshop option.

Minimal supervision from parents required.  Includes equipment kit and accompanying videos. These are designed to be completed at home.

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Mfacts Home Learning Packs

Give your child a maths boost

Every school holidays we ofter children the opportunity to get a maths boost in our popular and engaging programs. These are held in our Studio in Hampton with teacher Justine, a specialist in Maths Education.

Visit our Holiday Maths Boost page to see upcoming dates and all the details. 

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Holiday Maths Boost

Mfacts Maths Tutoring Melbourne

"Mfacts has a mission to deliver programs that move mathematics education to becoming a foundation of life-long confidence, resilience and self efficacy for our participants."

- Justine

Founder and Director, Mfacts Studio