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Welcome to Mfacts Studio.  A hub for students, parents and teachers to unlock maths confidence and whole child well-being; Year 1 - Year 7.


Because you want the

best for your child

Talk to us today if:

Your child is struggling with maths and seems to be losing self-confidence

You want your child to feel confident and happy about maths

You believe resilience and growth mindset are important

You've tried other maths tutoring and have not seen results

You want a caring, personalised approach

You feel your child has untapped maths potential

You simply want to give your child a maths boost

You're looking for educational and enjoyable activities for your child 

Your child experiences specific learning difficulties like Dyscalculia

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What others are saying

Witnessing the changes in student self belief and seeing them light up as they start to realise they can, is what drives our passion for maths education. 

- Justine

Founder and Director, Mfacts Studio

Introducing Mfacts Studio

A learning hub for the whole child, starting with maths, building well-being

We're different.  We are boutique and that's how we like it. This means we first focus on building trust and rapport with your child then when we have set up a safe learning environment the learning can begin.  We encourage curiosity, wonder and confidence.  It's the Mfacts difference.

Specialists in Maths. Passionate about developing the whole child. See our growing range of learning activities and classes.

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In our recent survey, parents have reported:


Say their child is happy to attend Mfacts tutoring


Say their child's positivity towards maths has improved


Say their child's maths skills have improved


Say Mfacts has helped increase their child's overall confidence extending beyond maths

Let's boost your child's maths potential...

and help your child shine.


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